Want to taste authentic Vietnamese everyday food?

Only Authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Crystal Palace, London.

About Urban Orient

Journey of two sisters…
It’s a humble beginning by two sisters-¬†Huong Nguyen
and Chau Nguyen, who formed the Urban Orient restaurant in 2013. We have always been good at home cooking as we grew up helping our Mum in her kitchen like other Vietnamese girls do. But we never thought of opening a restaurant until we moved in to London for a living. Yes, for a living! It is so hard but it is the simple truth.

Once we got more involved in the business, we realised that we have to make more authentic and delicious foods. We didn’t want to simply make a living, we would also liked to uphold our national pride. You are welcome to taste the delicious and healthy Vietnamese food we create.

Ever since it’s beginning, the Urban Orient has been getting better and better everyday with compliments and complaints. Presenting you with delectable and authentic Vietnamese dishes every day is our passion and also a promise to you!

Taste of everyday Vietnam
Vietnamese food is primarily divided into three categories: Peasant cuisine, Street kitchen, and Imperial kitchen. And we specialise in Peasant and Street food that are presented in every Vietnamese table and street every single day. The receipts are simple and rustic, but very delicious.

Fresh and Healthy food that you can expect from our kitchen:

  • Fresh: fresh ingredients, fresh cook, and fresh serve.
  • Healthy: our food is ranked number 3, after Greek and California Fresh, of the healthiest food of the world, according to CNN. This is thanked to:

+ Our cooking methods that use water or broth instead of oil, and rely less on frying.

+ Lots of vegetables, fresh herbs, spices have been long used as alternative remedies for all sort of ailments.